State of the art technology

Norfilme focuses on flexography can print using any material, including gloss coated, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and paper. Norfilme specialises in BOPP film printing: wrap around, cut & stack and IML (in mould label).
Norfilme has MARK ANDY printing presses, of which we highlight our MARK ANDY P5 and the Comco Proglide:

  • The MARK ANDY P5 has 12 printing stations plus varnish and die cut station, as well as stamping, serigraphy and delam/relam modules.
  • The Comco Proglide has 9 printing stations plus varnish. It is complemented by a dedicated machine for cut & stack

For labels supplied in rolls, Norfilme uses a longitudinal cutting machine with anti-static bars. For cut & stack labels Norfilme relies on a German guillotine with high precision scale and vibrator that converts rolls into bundles of individual labels ready for use by our customers